About Us

About Us

Our Goal

Bad Day Training

Strives to deliver cutting-edge training and consulting services to meet your organization’s needs. Our ultimate goal is to deliver high-level training to ensure your members are proactively prepared for those Bad Day incidents.

About Us

Our Team

Our team members share a combine total of just over 400 years experience in the fields of firefighting, hazardous
materials response, emergency management, and private industry emergency response teams.

Our instructors come from a diverse background, including experience in both the public and private sector.
Furthermore, many of our instructors currently deliver various training programs across the country and have served as
incident commanders at numerous large-scale incidents.

Each of our team members are passionate about their careers and strive to meet your organization’s needs through
customized and relevant training.

Matt Preuer

Paul Tepley

Walt hower

Tom Sullivan

Bart Ray

Joe Kratochvil

Brian Harting

Steven Groves

Barry Lindley

Jay Womack

Phil Mclean

Mark Vedder

Nick Zamiska

Our Clients

From first responders to private firms, we have the privilege of organizing and delivering training and exercises to meet our clients needs. We have extensive experience with agencies using the Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness HMEP grant. We have also partnered with many fire departments, EMAs, LEPCs, CST, private industries, and many other agencies to deliver realistic, hands-on training!

We will gladly provide references
upon request.