Training America’s First Due

New Classes Released! Contact us today for detailed course descriptions on our Hazmat Research Specialist course, Hazmat First Due OPS class, Hazmat for Dispatch classs, and Hazmat Drills: Back to the Basics.

Our 4-hour Hazmat for Dispatchers class is quickly becoming one of our most requested classes! 911 Dispatchers are usually the first to receive notification of any type of emergency that occurs in a community. Callers can provide valuable information to assist emergency responders.

All participants receive our Hazmat for Dispatch Tactical Response Guides. This class has been approved for HMEP grant funding. Contact us today for a detailed course description!

Need Assistance with Planning your Next Exercise? From tabletop to full-scale exercises, our team can assist you! Whether public sector or private industry, our team can assist with your HSEEP exercise and evaluation.

Our app can be found in your Apple App Store or Google Play by searching: Bad Day Training. Those who attend our classes receive the username and password to unlock our Tactical Response Guides!

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